BREAKING: Bugatti Chiron unveiled at Geneva Motor Show!

Renders, teasers, and spyshots were the only thing that showed a little information about the new Bugatti hypercar. Now, however, we can joyfully share all the info about the Bugatti Chiron with you! 

Who thinks about Bugatti, thinks about power and speed. That can, again, be found in Bugatti’s new beast. The 500 examples that will be build will all produce 1500 hp and 1600 Nm of torque from the 8 Liter quad-turbo W16 engine. This results some amazing speed: 420 km/h (261 mph) limited top speed and 0 to 100 km/h in less than 2.5 seconds.

Bugatti Chiron unveiled at Geneva Motor Show!

You probably already saw this coming: when you take the stupid limiter out of the car, you’ll get a great top speed, obviously. This top speed is an outstanding 461 km/h (287 mph)!


Bugatti Chiron design

Let’s be superficial by taking a look at the outside firs, starting at the back of the car. Bugatti has done an excellent job at designing the car, that’s for sure. They kept in mind every single detail, so that it would have superior aerodynamica. The back of the car is no exception to that.

The car has an full width rear wing, which features 4 different modes and an active airbrake as well. The four different modes are  completely retracted, slightly extended (the position it adopts for Top Speed mode), completely extended (for Handling and Autobahn modes), and tilted fully forwards to act as an air brake under heavy deceleration.

The rear has also been opened up, making it possible that more air can flow out of the car. You should also take a look at the line that centers the car and goes all the way to the back of the car. Again this is for better aerodynamica.

Bugatti Chiron Rear is Aggressive and Beautiful

The rear of the car is not only good on the level of aerodynamica, but it also features detailing that give the car an aggressive look. For instance, take a look at the exhaust, rear diffuser or even the lights. The exhaust and diffuser also give better aerodynamics, but that was no news to you.



The interior is more driver focused. The dashboard, to start with, has an analog speedometer with 500 km/h as the maximum. The steering wheel consist of all things that might come in handy for the driver, such as cruise control, media and entertainment buttons, handling modes, and also the engine start button might come in handy!

Bugatti Chiron unveiled at Geneva Motor Show!

The engine start button is on the right of the steering wheel and the control for the handling are on the left. Now than, the car has four different modes: normal mode, hella fast mode, hella fast with better handling mode, and “there is a speed bump” mode.

Bugatti Chiron unveiled at Geneva Motor Show!

Normal mode has limited speed of 380 km/h. Hella fast mode ( Auto Mode) has a limited top speed of 420 km/h, just as the Handling Mode. There is a speed bump mode is also going by the boring name ‘Lift Mode‘, which basically means that this very low car will lift up a little.


The front

Bugatti has learned from their mistakes of the Veryon. It was fast and cool, but also big and ugly. The Bugatti Chiron, though, is aggressive, modern, elegant in the inside, and spectacular!

Bugatti Chiron unveiled at Geneva Motor Show!

The front of the car remains its signature, namely the grill with the Bugatti logo on it. The splitter ensure good air flow. As well as the front grills that can be found on the right and left of the front facia. These grills have been made as wide as possible for the max amount of air to flow in.


Tyres, suspension, brakes, and all that kind of stuff

Michelin tyres should ensure that the Bug is in good hands. The limited top speed is also not for nothing, since the tires would be destroyed if driving more than 420 km/h for a long time.

The Bugatti Chiron is also fitted in something called ‘Adaptive Chassis’ suspension system. What that means? Well, that the suspension fits in four different modes, which has already been explained in the Interior section.

The carbon-ceramic brake discs are now gripped by calipers and have become bigger. Now that we are talking about bigger, although its high speed, the Bugatti Chiron has become even more high and more wide than the Veyron. Oh nooooo.




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